Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sat. 9/5/09

It turns out that I am using some of the things I learned for personal use at the moment. It isn't really my current responsibility to do social networking types of activities for my job. I am getting on facebook fairly regularly although it seems like the friends I have are not that active. I don't get e-mail from them either so I guess I should expect that. I have found something I want to put on Google reader so I can get to it from wherever. I've forgotten my login info. attached to my work e-mail, so I may go ahead and set up a personal account instead and get rid of the work e-mail. Anyway, just wanted the powers that be to know that I am using some of what I learned so that going forward I may have occasion to use it to promote libraries.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

#18 - Wiki

The Wiki set up for us to use with wetpaint was quite easy, and I can see the value in creating that sort of thing, if you really wanted to develop a layered set of information. I'm afraid thinking of anything very interesting or deep is beyond me at the moment. I neglected to write anything on my first page, but did manage to create two secondary pages.

#9 - More Facebook

Well, I definitely am more comfortable with Facebook the more I use it, however, I should have gone to bed ages ago!!!!! I became of Cystic Fibrosis organization and already received a post from them. Re. groups, I joined a vegetarian recipe, a knitting and two North Texas gardening groups. Was distracted by photos of a friend who I already invited me to join as well as my daughter's info. She is a massage therapist and I did not realized she had created her own "business" group for developing a home business. I joined that group as well.

I am interested in the folks I went to high school and college with, but have not delved into that very much yet. I do recognize names and will be interested to see what comes up over time.

Thing #8 again - Facebook

Finally set up a facebook account. Guess there was something going on. Invited three people I know already have accounts. Not sure I'll be on it very much. Still think e-mail is adequate for almost all communication, especially since most of what I have to say is for one person at a time.

Do see the application for a library, however. I know our city has a facebook page now, so I don't see why the library could not follow suit. We do tweet already and I would imagine facebook would reach many more people than can be imagined.

Thing #20 - YouTube

I think everyone is familiar with YouTube at this point. There was a library that used it for a regular weekly (I think) newsletter. I believe they had a grant for the equipment to create their videoblog. It was humorous to watch and informative...Arlington Heights Memorial Library...Library Vlog. I love that they use staff and patrons to promote the library, its collection and services. Very forward-looking, cutting-edge library. Anyway, I'm even on YouTube through our city; I'm the narrator.

Recent favorite for fun:

Thing #11 Instant Messaging

I already had instant messaging set up with Yahoo Messenger because I am talking to my out-of-state family using the internet and a webcam...although we've only done it once successfully. Haven't been able to coordinate too often when both parties are on. So I have an Yahoo Instant messenger. My user name is my home e-mail address: I can't see that I have any other user name unless it is Dorothy. So, go ahead an instant message me if you find me on at the same time.

Thing #12 - Twitter

Successfully set up a twitter account, but must have accidentally asked to have certain profiles put on my home page and can't seem to figure out how to get rid of them. I really could not care less what Ryan Seacrest has to say, no offense. Could not find anyone to add to it. Know of one person who tweets but her name did not turn up. Did protect my tweets. Will have to play with it more when I find out who might be on it. I don't think my 20 yr. even tweets.